Now that warm weather is finally returning in the Northern hemisphere, we can spring into spring.  Here on the Digital Newspaper Team, we’ve been dusting off papers for upload.  Thanks to partners like University of Texas at San Antonio, Southwestern University, the Old Jail Art Center, and newspaper publishers themselves, new titles you’ll see preserved and freely available in the Texas Digital Newspaper Program include The Greensheet, The Albany News, The Hallettsville RebelThe Megaphoneearly Czech newspaper, Obzor, and The San Antonio Register.  

As we spring forward, we on the Newspaper Team especially enjoy the flowers, butterflies, bunny rabbits, and puns, and newspapers serve as windows to the season for us (since our offices don’t have windows).  We share pictures from collections like the beautiful full-color PDFs from the Canadian Record and witticisms about cleaning your spring–or at least your well if you have no spring–as recommended in the San Marcos Free Press.  Such hand-drawn artwork as that which appears in The Meridian Tribune, depicting springtime and life in the 1930s, gives us a window in time.