The Texas Digital Newspaper Program is proud to present three new video demos to help you with initial searching and browsing within newspapers. The words in each of these videos is captioned with text for easier access.

The first demo, particularly useful to genealogists, shows how to use the filters to narrow down searches that produce many results. We started this video with a basic search for “Pancho Villa” and then used the filters to narrow the results down to the date when he was killed.



Another demo, linked here, is called “Working with a Single Newspaper Issue,” and it demonstrates how you can go from a wider basic search into a single newspaper issue, straight to the page where your search term appears.  We used the same “Pancho Villa” search term, and demonstrated a few different things you can do within the individual newspaper issue, including zooming into the area where your term occurs, printing a single section of a newspaper page, and sharing that same area of the page on social media or email.

A third video, linked here, is called “Exploring Collections on The Portal to Texas History,” and it is intended for teachers interested in working with the Texas Digital Newspaper Program in their classrooms.  This video showcases newspaper collections that teachers would find helpful, and it shows how you can browse for collections on the Portal.

We will continue creating more demos to help people work with newspaper collections and other items on The Portal to Texas History.  These demonstrations were made possible through the support of an IMLS Library Services & Technology Act award, given to UNT by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.