The Digital Newspaper Unit’s own Sara McNiel worked hard all week to complete this blog post for you. Please enjoy!


After getting to see some famous faces, you start to like this new circus and grow even more eager to see what else it holds. You and your brothers navigate your way through the circus grounds, taking in every smell of the circus food and popcorn, every sound from the unfamiliar people laughing and cheering, and every sight of a new beautiful circus tent everywhere you turn. You might as well enjoy these exciting sights and adventures while you find your way back through the circus. What do you do?

  1. Decide to watch a mystery unfold?
  2. Watch a very special ballet?
  3. Go see the Queen of the ‘Hight’ Wire?




Choice 1 – Watch a mystery unfold

While you and your brothers head towards the animal exhibits, hoping to see some beautiful elephants, you notice that there are far fewer elephants than the newspapers said there should be. Next to the giant empty cages where the elephants would have been, you see a group of reporters, policemen, and detectives. What on earth is going on? Without drawing any attention to yourself, you inch closer to them, hoping to eavesdrop on their conversation. “The elephant murderer is on the loose. He’s already killed 10 elephants, who knows what he’ll do next,” you heard one of the detectives say. “We need to look for clues to find out who this guy is and catch him.” You run back to your brothers to fill them in on what you just overheard, telling them it’s exactly like what you’d heard happened in Atlanta. Intrigued by this mystery, you and your brothers decide to search the circus and catch him yourself. How cool would it be if you were able to find this mysterious elephant murderer and save the day?










Choice 2 – Watch a very special ballet!

As you and your brothers continue to walk through the circus searching for new attractions, you stumble across a giant poster posted on one of the circus tents. ‘Come see the magical performance, The Ballet of the Elephants!’ the poster read. Elephants performing ballet? You’ve never heard of such a thing! After convincing your brothers that this will be the only chance you have to see such unique and talented elephants, you all run inside the tent and wait for the show to start. A spotlight from above finally shines on the stage in the middle of the tent, revealing a large orchestra. You feel a little silly as you realize that the elephant ballet by George Balanchine doesn’t really have any elephants attired in pink tutus, and you silently try to figure out how to explain this to your brothers after the show ends.













Choice 3 – See the Queen of the ‘Hight’ Wire!


A tall green circus tent reaches high up into the blue sky above, towering over everything else in the circus. What could possibly be so tall that it requires a tent of such unbelievable height? You lead your brothers into this mysterious emerald green tent, not sure what to expect. Inside there seems to be nothing but a crowd of people oohing and aahing, all looking up towards the top of the tent. “It’s the Queen of the Hight Wire!” you hear someone in the crowd shout. When you look up to see what the commotion is about, you see a thin wire tied against two towering poles, stretching across the tent. On the wire balances a woman, dressed in a shiny green leotard, the same emerald shade as the tent. You watch in amazement as she balances, one foot in front of the other, making her way across the wire. Right as she reaches the end of the wire, she lifts up one foot and rises to her tippy-toes on the other. Spinning around on the wire, she puts her other foot back down and begins to walk back on the wire the other direction. With nothing to keep her from falling, you and your brothers are shocked to see someone so brave and talented to balance on such a high wire. “Wow,” you say out loud. “She really is the Queen of the Hight Wire.”